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Criteria for Suppliers

XCEL Power Systems is always looking for new suppliers to assist in the improvement of products and services. Our suppliers will be expected to perform best-in-class, and meet the following criteria:

Continuity of Supply

Continuity of supply forms an important part of the selection process - XCEL Power Systems is interested in long-term relationships. A potential supplier should be able to demonstrate their suitability through evidence of financial standing and market position. A potential supplier should be a market leader or number two in their market segment.

Benchmarking & Best Practice

We expect our suppliers to be world class manufacturers in their chosen discipline and to continually review their working practices to ensure the highest levels of quality and service are maintained.

Production, manufacturing and engineering capacity

The supplier should demonstrate the ability to offer sufficient capacity to develop and/or produce specific XCEL Power Systems products.


Flexibility is essential to the execution of innovative development programmes, often demanding the delivery of small quantities of product and fast turn around. For some product groups it is required that potential suppliers are familiar with Military specifications (MIL-standards).

ISO accreditation

An ISO accreditation certificate is required. The review of the supplier's quality manual and quality procedures will be part of the selection procedure.

Product / technology strategy

lt is expected from potential suppliers that they have a clear and consistent policy for their product development and applied technologies in relation to their market position.

Price & cost performance

Potential suppliers should be willing to present insight into their costs structure.

Export regulation

The potential supplier should have a clear understanding of the export regulation of the government related to the country of origin of the goods supplied.

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