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XCEL Power Systems cannot realise it's business objectives without the full support of the supply chain. We put great emphasis on focussing the attention of our suppliers on performance & quality, and we consider co-operation & partnership with our suppliers to be of the utmost importance. XCEL Power Systems is a loyal, but also a critical partner in business.

We continuously seek out new suppliers and new opportunities to expand our business. Our procurement team works closely with engineering to select the best products and technologies available. Within these pages we have tried to provide information about our procurement organisation and the products and services we require. We believe that a better understanding will help to establish reliable relationships that benefit both partners.

XCEL Power Systems is interested in long-term partnerships. These relationships are often characterised by a dependency that is beneficial to both parties. Therefore, it is very important to focus on the commitments made, in order to have a clear understanding of objectives, targets and results. We wish to prevent misunderstanding during the initial development phase of any relationship.

We are always searching for high-specification, high-quality parts and new technology. These elements enable us to produce attractive and reliable solutions for our customers, often in small quantities. At the same time, there is an industry-wide drive towards commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products. Wherever possible, we will try to make use of such products.

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