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XCEL receives BAE Systems Ltd Bronze Supplier Status Award


XCEL Power Systems Ltd are very pleased to announce that they have been awarded a Bronze Supplier Status Award from BAE Systems.

“It is with great pleasure that I am able to award Xcel Power Systems Ltd their first Bronze Supplier Status Award on behalf of BAE Systems. This award is a culmination of the excellent progress which has been made between our parties over the past year, directly resulting in a dramatic improvement in scorecard performance across the board. I look forward to continuing to build upon the foundations

that we have laid in achieving this milestone and I hope we can continue on our journey towards Gold status.”

 Daniel Hawkins

 BAE Systems (Operations) Limited

Electronic Systems


Commenting on the award, Richard Weller, Managing Director of XCEL Power Systems stated “This award is a reflection of all the hard work by everybody within the company and shows the continuing benefit of working within the SC21 framework, and the improved relationships that come as a result. The quotation above from Daniel reflects the progress made by both companies toward a common goal, and it was extremely rewarding to be presented with this award.”


For further information please contact Xcel Power Systems: Tel: +44 1233 656800

E-mail: sales@xcelpower.co.uk www.xcelpower.com