High reliability in extreme environments


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NR039 26 Jan 11 Xcel receives major follow on order from prime Multi-National Company


27 Sep 10

Xcel wins major contract

NR037 8 Mar 10 Xcel exhibiting at the DVD Military Vehicle Exhibition June 2010
NR036 25 Feb 10

Xcel exhibiting at Eurosatory PR 14th - 18th June 2010

NR035a 16 Nov 09 Xcel achieve ISO9100:2003 Accreditation
NR033 01 Sep 09 Exhibiting at DSEi
NR032 09 Jun 09 XCEL Receives £210,000 Development & LRIP Order from Prime Multi-National Company
NR031 20 Apr 09 XCEL Receive £550,000 Follow On Order for PSUs
NR029 04 Feb 09 MODERN DEFENCE PROCUREMENT – Managing the True Costs
NR028 29 Jan 09 Appointment of Donalba Electronica SLU
NR027 23 Oct 08 XCEL DMJ Article
NR026 18 Aug 08 XCEL gains ISO14000 acreditation
NR025 07 Oct 07 XCEL book $700,000 follow on order for Hawk Trainer PSU's
NR024 07 Aug 07 XCEL book $600,000 in orders for Eurofighter PSUs
NR023 20 Nov 06 XCEL to power Watchkeeper payloads
NR022 31 Oct 06 XCEL celebrates 50th year in business
NR021 14 Sep 06 XCEL wins new business in Oil Exploration sector
NR020 24 Aug 05 XCEL awarded $7.5 million Eurofighter Typhoon contract
NR019 25 Jul 05 XCEL receives $1.8m contract from Smiths Aerospace
NR018 07 Apr 05 XCEL Power in full production on Eurofighter Typhoon contract
NR017 21 Mar 05 XCEL Corporation acquires Pascall Electronics
NR016 09 Dec 04 XCEL commissions new Surface Mount facility
NR015 08 Nov 04 Belix Wound relocates to Ashford
NR014 18 Oct 04 XCEL Power agree Supply Contract with Domino UK
NR013 13 Oct 04 XCEL Power appoints agent in Israel
NR012 27 Sep 04 XCEL Power Systems in Lean Manufacturing Initiative
NR011 25 Mar 04 XCEL Power wins major contract from Smiths Aerospace
NR010 08 Jan 04 XCEL Power Wins Major Contract from Thales Avionics
NR009 08 Jan 04 XCEL Power secure additional orders for Eurofighter programme
NR008 09 Dec 03 XCEL renew Italian Agency Agreement with Fly Electronics
NR007 02 Dec 03 XCEL Power achieve ISO9001:2000 accreditation
NR006 12 Nov 03 XCEL Power awarded new JERNAS contract by AMS
NR005 12 Nov 03 XCEL wins Laser Designator PSU contract
NR004 02 Jun 03 XCEL wins major contract from Thales Optronics
NR003 18 May 03 XCEL wins major contract from BAE Systems
NR002 18 May 03 XCEL wins major contract from TELDIX GmbH
NR001 14 Apr 00 Acquisition of BELIX Group of Companies