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Product Code Brief Product Description
A Qualified Design
Battlefield Vehicle PSU -

Universal 85V ~ 264V AC Mains Input, 24V DC 9A Output, Designed for Immersion, Rugged Construction

A Qualified Design
Generator Trailer Transformer Rectifier Assembly -

Variable Raw Power Input, Regulated Output, Battery Charger, High Reliability

A Qualified Design
Low Voltage Input Power Adapter -

Nominal 28V DC Input,  Output compatible with range of Thermal Imagers, Very Lightweight (<250g)

A Qualified Design
Main Battle Tank PSU -

28V DC Input, Dual Output,  Nuclear Hard, BITE & Control, Ground Mobile (Tracked Vehicle) Vibration category

A Qualified Design
Thermal Imaging Equipment PSU -

12V ~ 80V DC Input range, LV output, Low Power, Lightweight Construction

A Qualified Design
"Wheelbarrow" Bomb Disposal PSU -

Input 24V DC, Output 36V @ 40A, High Efficiency