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Product Code Brief Product Description
A Qualified Design
Airborne Power Supply Unit -

Single Phase to BS3G100 & MIL-STD704A, BITE, 200mS Hold up

A Qualified Design
Camera Motor Control Power Supply Unit -

12 ~ 15 VDC Input, Short Circuit protection, Very low profile

A Qualified Design
Camera Power Distribution Unit -

28VDC Input, Overload protection, BPI Interface to host equipment

A Qualified Design
Fighter Aircraft Cockpit Camera PSU -

115V AC 3-Phase Input, Multiple LV Outputs, Sub-Miniature, Lightweight Construction, High Vibration

A Qualified Design
Fighter Aircraft Transformer Rectifier Magnetics -

3 Phase Generator Input, Composite Airframe, High Vibration

A Qualified Design
Fighter Aircraft Front End "Avionics" Power Filter -

200V Supply 400Hz operation, High Vibration, Lightweight Construction

A Qualified Design
Helicopter weapons System PSU -

28V DC Avionics Input, Multiple LV Outputs, High density single PCB, Lightweight Construction

A Qualified Design
Military Transport Windscreen Transformer -

115V AC 400Hz or "Aircraft" Supply Input, 2x 60V Outputs, High Vibration